It's safe to say that CBD has blown up in Hong Kong, everything from cosmetics to brews is getting that calm, soothing infusion. Living in a city that is 24/7, all day, every day, it's no surprise that Hong Kong-er's have taken to the stuff. Whether you can't live without your sleep drops or you're interested in trying out how CBD makes you feel, here's a list of CBD goodies you can try along your journey!

What is CBD? And is it even legal?

CBD stands for can cannabidiol, is all-natural and extracted from hemp plants. It has anti-inflammatory properties, is packed with antioxidants, is neuroprotective, helps with pain management, sleep disorders, and even fights anxiety and depression. For those who don't know, CBD is entirely legal in Hong Kong! CBD products sold in the 852 are without any THC (the chemical that gets you 'high'). It leaves you with a subtle kind of calm, particularly if you have anxiety or any chronic pains.

CBD Tinctures

Drops are one of the most popular forms of consumption when it comes to CBD. If you're new to trying CBD, this is an excellent place to start. All you have to do is squeeze a few drops before bed or even in the mornings to start your day. Jakpot CBD sells broad-spectrum CBD to help you get a restful night of sleep and generally support your wellbeing. Made in the US, this family-run business has roots in NYC and just landed in Hong Kong! They have a range of oils available for both humans and dogs too!

CBD Lubricants

Let's take things to the bedroom real quick, and we're not talking about sleep. Yes, there is even CBD for those more intimate occasions! CBD lubricant can be used as a massage oil and to enhance sensations. Try Foria's best-selling Intimacy Natural Lubricant on Heavens Please for your carnal adventures.

CBD Cocktails

After a long day at the office, there's nothing quite like unwinding with a cold drink in hand. Head to Faye in Central's California Tower for their CBD infusion cocktail, the Java-tini. Mixed with Absolut Vanilla Vodka, a shot of espresso, coffee Liqueur, Frangelico, syrup and a few CBD oil drops. Simultaneously awakening the senses and calming the soul.

CBD Caffeine

For your caffeine meets CBD cravings, there's only one place to go! Hong Kong's only CBD-centric cafe. Found has everything from cold brews to classic coffee offerings and pressed juices, all with CBD infusions. Their cafe also stocks their favourite CBD products and sweet treats from local partners. A great place in Sheung Wan to kick back and really chill.

CBD Skincare

If you're looking for a two-in-one kind of deal, CBD skincare is a great way to nourish your body and gently introduce CBD into your routine. Along with its calming nature, CBD is excellent for the skin because it helps balance oil production and fights free radicals from the sun. Try OTO's Ritual CBD serum, which also helps to hydrate while promoting collagen production. They even have free delivery!

CBD Chocolate

For some real indulgence, look no further than CBD chocolate! Made in Hong Kong by a Swiss and Israeli couple out of their chocolate lab in Wong Chuk Hang. They combine the tried and tested Swiss traditions with commonly used spices and herbs from Mediterranean cuisine. Their CBD Bar is made with 75% cacao, CBD isolate and hemp seed. All these ingredients are not only tasty but will put you in a state of bliss!

CBD Beers

If you need further proof that beers help reduce stress, then plant's Coconut and Lime CBD Beer is living proof! A beer made for women in mind, crafted with fruity summer flavors, its wellness in a bottle. Locally made with 20mg of CBD per bottle, this tropical treat is best enjoyed sprawled out in the sun.

CBD Gummies

Much more fun than taking your daily vitamins, CBD gummies are a tasty sweet treat that is great for the mind and body. Gentle Bro's CBD Gummies are made with simple and natural vegan ingredients, available in Strawberry Lemonade or Green Apple flavour. They even include a handy dosage calculator on their site so you don't go eating the whole pack at once, however tempted you might be!