Hong Kong isn’t short of historical and artistic spaces, with PMQ and Tai Kwun being popular creative destinations but now there’s a newcomer – The Mills. Located in Tsuen Wan, this new spot is a hub for business incubators, experimental retail, and a non-profit cultural institution that shares the vision and history of the space; a purely Hong Kong affair.

Going back to the the1950s, Hong Kong was the place to be when it came to textiles manufacturing. Tsuen Wan, which is still brimming with factories, was one of the many hotspots. There were three such buildings part of Nan Fung Textiles and in the 60’s they were the cock of the walk, but then the ’80s hit, and business wasn’t so hot. Fast forward to 2008; the once bustle factories spaces were left to become warehouses.

It was in 2014 that Nan Fung Group decided to transform the buildings into something that has far more substance – A massive revitalisation project that honours Hong Kong’s textiles history and a vision to spark the city’s next generation of artisans.

The Mills has finally opened its doors, with a new lease on life, the complex is home to The Mills Fabrica, which as they describe as a “springboard for tech style startups and strategic partners – companies at the intersection of fashion, textile and technology. By curating Hong Kong’s opportunities and channelling them through an intensive incubator program, workspace and platform, Fabrica positions startups and strategic partners to take advantage of all that Hong Kong has to offer.”

Not just for the HK startup scene, their retail arm The Mills Shopfloor features socially conscious brands, boutique florists, unique fashion brands and even a vet. The one thing that can’t be ignored, is the vast history of the space – The Mills perfectly preserved the architecture, facade and stories within the factory, which is well worth exploring.

With their myriad of events around the year, a massive rooftop park, historical gems and up and coming brands, The Mills is not one to miss for any Hong Kong-er. If all that doesn’t convince you, trust us, you’ll want to do it for the gram’.

4th Floor, The Mills,
45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
(852) 3979 2300