The Hive Studios

The Hive Studios

Nestled in an industrial building near the Kennedy Town MTR station, The Hive Studios brings together independent creative entrepreneurs under one roof in the spirit of co-working.

The space itself is enthralling and calming for anyone working on their grind. Their well-designed working areas set the perfect mood to conceptualise and revise your business plan. Their bright, open spaces makes it easy to strike up conversations with other creatives walking through their doors. Their photo studio inspires you to visualise how your future campaign will look like. And lastly, their cafe area is just a few, cozy steps away for a mid-afternoon coffee break.

Perhaps then, this is the place where motivation lives. After all, when you’re working on your rise, you need to surround yourself with the like-minded.

8th floor, Chueng Hing Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town

The Hive Studios Website | @thehivestudios

Photographs by Home Kong