Dim Sumsome spots are a dime a dozen in Hong Kong, and that’s no surprise as its more than just food but a lifestyle that is quintessentially Hong Kong. In the old days, dim sum would last from mid-morning til the afternoon, a time spent with family or rifling through the newspaper, nowadays you can find dim sum take-away joints to high-end eateries and everything in between.

The choices are endless, and everyone has their favourite place, but we’re more interested in the spots that are keeping the tradition alive; the iconic dim sum trolleys stacked with hot bamboo steamers. Once a staple it is now a rarity, here’s where you can still experience authentic dim sum.

Lin Heung Kui

Around since 1926, Lin Heung Kui is one of the oldest and most infamous dim sum restaurants in the city. You get your food straight from the traditional trolleys, but you best be ready to put up a fight, their dishes are so in demand that your best chance to get what you want is to be on your feet the moment the cart leaves the kitchen. The venue is authentic and doesn’t come with bells and whistles, just good food served the way it always has.

Western Centre, 46-50 Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2156 9328
Opening Hours: 6am – 9:30pm

Lin Heung Tea House

A restaurant and bakery, Lin Heung Tea House is a favourite among many. Always fully packed you can expect to wait to get a table here and once you get one you’ll likely be sharing with others – which isn’t uncommon when it comes to dim sum. Calligraphy and traditional landscape paintings fill the walls. There’s no preordering here, all food comes from the cart. On top of all that, prices are very affordable here!

162 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2544 4556
Opening Hours: 6am – 11pm

Maxim’s Palace

More upscale than our previous two joints and the price tag shows it, this flagship outlet in City Hall has made a name for itself. You’ll find yourself in a massive hall with plenty of noise and of course the good ol dim sum trolley. Lunchtime is usually a split between locals and travellers, with all enjoying the restaurant’s large variety of dishes. Just be sure to get the attention of the trolley ladies, or you’ll go hungry, it can be tricky over the noise!

3/F, City Hall 5-7 Edinburgh Place
Tel: +852 2521 1303
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11pm
Sun & PH: 9am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11pm

The London Restaurant

Across the other side of Hong Kong is the London restaurant. Here you’ll be met with plenty of locals enjoying their lunch. You even get the traditional little white card where all your orders are stamped and recorded. True to local ways, you’ll need to wash your utensils, bowls and cups in a big basin filled with tea (don’t drink it first brew) before digging into your meal. Along with their pushcarts, they have an area where you can pick up deep-fried dim sum goodies too.

612 Nathan Road, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2771 8018
Opening Hours: Daily, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Metropol Restaurant

A spot great for big groups, but bring a local with you. A big space that is busy all through late lunch, you’ll find plenty of different dishes to gorge yourself. On arrival you get yourself a table number, find it then take your card to the central station where you can pick up plates and get your card stamped, or you can just wait for the trolleys to roll around. Servers can be curt here, but hey that’s part of the experience!

4/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway,, Hong Kong, China

Tel: +852 2865 1988

Did we miss a spot? Let us know and tell us where your dim sum place of choice is!