Living amidst 260 islands sure has its perks. With all the government-run beaches still on COVID lockdown, a little sneak to one of the many secret beaches of Hong Kong is in order! Get your sun, sea and sun sand fix before summer ends for good. Keep reading below for the creme de la creme of seaside fun.

Going for a dip? Don't forget to bring a towel.

Long Ke Wan - Photo by @steplpm

Long Ke Wan

Reserved for those who aren't afraid to hike for their beaches, you'll have to work up a good sweat for this one. Part of Sai Kungs Geopark, during the 30-minute walk you'll be treated to exceptional vistas of Hong Kong's nature. Then the real reward comes with powdery sand and expansive green water to swim in.

The beach is remote with no amenities, so remember to take food and plenty of water. You also have to be prepared to find somewhere to do your business.

Tai Long Wan

A gorgeous, sweeping bay, Tai Long Wan is one of Hong Kong's finest, you've actually probably heard this one dropped in conversation. This one's more of a day trip so pack for the long haul. After a 45 minute hike, the freshwaters are a revitalising treat.

Shek Pai Wan

Nestled in between two tiny villages, Yung Shue Ha and Tung O is Shek Pai Wan. One of the longest beaches on Lamma Island, you'll need to hike for about 25 to 45 minutes, depending on which ferry you take. However, the hike itself is pretty low-impact.

A spacious beach with rolling waves and big rocks you can climb over. There are plenty of little shops nearby to grab beers or a snack. No crowds, guaranteed!

Sham Wan

Another treat on Lamma Island is Turtle beach, which is only 10-15 minute walk from Shek Pai Wan Beach. This beach is unique as its closed during peak season: 1 June - 31 October. You may have guessed, its a nesting site for turtles. Be wary of when you visit because you could be fined up to HK$ 50,000.

When it is open to the public, it's a beauty! No wonder the turtles love it: peaceful, clear waters and a real breath of fresh air. You can even catch a great seafood meal just 25 minutes away at the end of the day.

Cheung Sha Wan

Not to be confused with the Cheung Sha Wan located in Kowloon, this beach is located in Tung Ping Chau a little island that's actually must closer to China than Hong Kong Island. This one is only for the truly committed! Tung Ping Chau's unique sandstone terrain and remoteness have made it a destination. You'll be treated to a lonely beach almost to yourself. Just be sure not to miss the ferry back.

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