So Soap

So Soap

So Soap brings to you locally made soap that supports entrepreneurs, the community and the environment. Founder Bella Ip started the brand in an effort to spend more quality time at home with her kids – and not be locked at a desk job for 8 hours a day. She then looked around her apartment for what she could make organically for the Hong Kong market and thus, So Soap was born.

From liquid body, hair, and hand soap to of course, bar soap products, all are scented with naturally infused aromas such as rose geranium, orange earl grey, rooibos tea and bergamont. Sticking to what their company stands for, all products are made to protect your skin by using 100% natural, sustainable ingredients. Some are especially imported from overseas to get the best result possible.

But the real intention of the brand goes beyond selling their product. The intent is to teach and inspire other women to become soap makers themselves. They conduct their own soap-making classes where they teach the necessary skills for production, costing, marketing and sales for anyone who wishes to start their own business. This comes full circle for Bella, as she herself was once a struggling mother who was looking to find work that benefits her family time. Now she gets to pass this forward.

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Words by Pauline Mae De Leon

Photos by Home Kong