One of the many unfortunate outcomes of COVID-19 and the social unrest as of late is its impact on Hong Kong's F&B industry. As one of Hong Kong's more prominent and celebrated sectors, we're talking about tens of thousands of jobs on the line and businesses of all sizes which are being significantly affected.

To reinvigorate and save some of Hong Kong's beloved eateries, restauranteurs have banded together to create the Save Hong Kong F&B alliance. It aims to support a growing number of bars and restaurants in the city to ease the burden.

So how can you help? Well, purchase an e-voucher today and save on your next meal out at one of the many participating restaurants, including the likes of Potato Head, Cali-Mex, Beef and Liberty, The Old Man, Sohofama, Classified, Second Draft, Chachawan, and more.

Buy HKD 500, receive HKD 600 (20% extra)

Buy HKD 1000, receive HKD1300 (30% extra)

Buy HKD 2000, receive HKD 3000 (50% extra)

From now until May 25th, you can save in a number of restaurants around the city, help prevent your local haunts from closing down and keep them out of risk. And this isn't just about keeping the culinary scene alive, it's about everyday people. When restaurants, bars, and cafes close – it trickles down to the staff, the cleaning services, laundry companies, F&B suppliers, and marketing communities. In the spirit of banding together in hard times, #SaveHKFnB.

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