This one is for fashion lovers! The cheongsam has been a cultural phenomenon in China since the Qing dynasty, popularised by Chinese socialites and upper-class women in the 1920s, the traditional and signature feminine body-hugging dress features a distinctly Chinese collar and cut. Once a style worn on the daily, you see far and few worn in modern society due to their often tighter fit. Now usually reserved for weddings, celebrations and other special occasions, the traditional cuts may not be an everyday staple, but more modern interpretations can be spotted.

That’s what Cheongsam Connect captures – a homage to all modern and classic forms of the cheongsam, they celebrate the beauty of Chinese design. Founded in 2015, their Instagram and Facebook serve as a platform uniting fans of all backgrounds to promote the cheongsam. A showcase in the excellence of Hong Kong style, they also notably embrace the evolution of the classics.

Operating as a non-profit organisation, their IG is a mosaic of the far-reaching phenomenon that is the cheongsam, with designers all over the world celebrating the mandarin collar and paying homage to their unique buttons. It’s stunning to see the vast amount of re-interpretations outfitted for modern women.

Cheongsam Connect regularly arranges talks on the subject of cheongsam to targeted organisations. They also facilitate research work, conservation, application of new technology, public education and promotion events on cheongsam, definitely one to follow.