Nocturnal Paper

Nocturnal Paper

Nocturnal Paper is what every kid who’s tapped into #InstagramHashtags, Drake memes and Snapchat dog filters will be sending out as birthday cards. After all, this is the generation that can have a full-blown conversation in emojis.

Hitting the sweet spot between pop-culture and humor, creator of Nocturnal Paper, Meghna Jhuremalani, just wanted to put out something punny out there. (Get it?) Growing up, Meghna would spend sleepless nights doodling birthday cards for friends and family, hence becoming nocturnal herself. Click through their Etsy and Instagram account, and you’ll find a range of tongue-in-cheek cards for every occasion ranging from Chinese New Year to Mother’s Day.

Nocturnal Paper is quick to jump on what’s trending with its fresh releases and witty responses to pop-culture news. Because just like the internet, both never sleep.

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Photos by Home Kong