In weird and wacky news today, one Hong Kong tour company is offering a staycation tour for all you insomniacs. You can catch a kip on this exclusive 5-hour bus tour complete with two seats for you, and you alone, to stretch out on. Be honest, some of the best naps you've had were when you were lulled to sleep by a KMB bus. We've all been there. With this experience, you won't be awoken by the sudden fear that you've missed your stop and be forced to scramble for the exit. Worst of all, you cant recreate that bus nap magic in your own home. First-world problems, am I right?

For only HKD 129, hunker down on the upper deck and close your eyes for this 76KM ride around Tuen Mun and North Lantau Island. To really ensure the deepest sleep, the packaging includes a lunch meal which guarantees to put you in a food coma right before you set off on your journey.

With plenty of scenic spots to see during the longest bus ride you can find in Hong Kong, you might not actually want to sleep through it. But for the true sleep-seekers, the zero-decibel cabins promise a noise-free environment that is primed for some serious shut-eye. Also on offer is an upper deck 'VIP Panorama Cabin' and a 'Photo-taking Cabin' on the lower deck, where you can probably sneak in a nap between photo destinations.

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The itinerary goes as follows:

A 2-course western-style 'Food Coma Lunch' at Tsuen Wan West

Board the Sleeping Bus at Tsuen Wan West Station and start napping

(Toilet Stop 1) Tuen Mun Road Bus Interchange

(Toilet Stop 2) Tuen Mun Park

Drive along the Tuen Mun Highway to the first photo-taking spot

Arrive at the second photo-taking point via Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Tunnel

Checkpoint at the South Perimeter Road Traffic Calming Street

(Drop off point 1) Tung Chung Station Bus Stop

(Toilet point 3) Inspiration Lake

(Drop off point 2) Tsing Yi Station Bus Stop

(Final drop off point) Tsuen Wan West Bus Stop

Here's a few things to note, you've gotta have had at least one vaccine and have the Leave Home Safe App installed. The tour is conducted in Cantonese, but if you're here for the siesta, that's all gonna be background noise. Participants are free to leave the tour at any of the designated drop-off points. Tickets are selling out fast, so don't sleep on this, and secure your napping nook ASAP.

With Hong Kong's high tempo, it's no surprise we fit in a nap wherever we can, and buses aren't the only great places to have a quick nap. If the Instagram account MTR sleepers has taught us anything, there's certainly demand for a train version too, fingers crossed! For more information on the only nap you may ever truly pay for, visit Ulu Travel's page.