Named after the goddess of the sea, Māzŭ celebrates asian maritime history with east meets west designs. Hong Kong’s intimate relationship with the sea is no secret, as the goddess is highly revered for watching over seafarers as they venture off land. Māzŭ gives a nod to it’s rich heritage with a mens swimwear brand that brings these ocean-based elements to life.

Created by Adam Raby, Māzŭ is meticulous with the details put into its creation. The inspirations behind their designs, such as the bamboo, Chinese ships, and war flag elements, are all raised and researched from maritime history and culture. Combined with vibrant colours that appeal to a modern, worldwide market, the result is a fresh look for mens swimwear in the region. The signature red cord found on all styles, holds gold-dipped, handcrafted aglets, inspired by the Monkey’s Fist knot used in sailing.

But apart from drawing inspiration from history, Māzŭ also brings our attention to the present-day conditions affecting the ocean. They recently collaborated with the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society by giving a part of their proceeds from their limited-edition pink dolphin print collection to protect these endangered creatures. From design inspiration to marine conservation, looking to honour the seas is something the goddess would be proud of.

Māzŭ Website | @mazuswimwear

Photos by Home Kong