Owning your own home in Hong Kong seems pretty far-fetched dream as a 20-something in the city. Even if you do cut out the avocado toast habit you have. Thing’s aren’t looking pretty on the rental market front either, only recently was their news on a tiny Tseung Kwan O bedroom that is only 56 square feet but on the market for $7000 HKD — making it more expensive, per square foot, than a luxury flat on The Peak. It’s looking bleak for renters, but there are plenty of start-ups in the Hong Kong market who are selling a new brand of living.

Co-living isn’t a new concept by any means, communes and ‘adult boarding’ having been around since the 40’s; however the idea has had a mjor overhaul and rebranding, making it much more luxury and adds an angle of socialising, business network opportunities or some even going as far to target singles looking for love. It’s the roommate experience now elevated – non of the hassle of asking your flatmate to take out the trash and far more elegant facilities.

The idea of living in such a space is undoubtedly targeted towards a ‘certain‘ type of person – the image that comes to mind is a digital nomad, single and under 35, who seeks convenience and flexibility in their living situation. While it does sound liberating to have a fully furnished pad, stocked kitchen, amenities and a cleaning service to top it off, it’s likely not the first choice for an introvert.

There must be some kind of potential in the air as Hong Kong has seen a drastic rise in both co-living and coworking spaces in the past 2 years. It’s becoming a lucrative business, even hotels are keen to convert their spaces to bring in more revenue. Could this be a solution for a generation that is struggling to move out of their parent’s homes? Let’s take a look, city dwellers who are looking to save or up for trying something a little out of the norm, here’s what the city has to offer:

The Nate

What they promise: Our goal is to take the good stuff about apartment living and condense it into our new residential spaces in Tsim Sha Tsui. Opening in Summer 2018, they are the upscale answer to co-living – including maid service, a big communal kitchen and a rooftop! With cleverly designed studios from 125 sq. ft. to 260 sq. ft.

Photo Credit: The Nate

Weave Coliving

What they promise: Our mission is to provide comfortable, convenient and well-priced homes for millennials and young professionals. We strive to build closely-knit communities where residents enrich their lives by sharing experiences and inspiring each other to achieve their goals.










Photo Credit: Weave

Campfire Home

What they promise: Campfire Home is your place of rest and relaxation. We offer residents an easy and convenient way to take their collaborative lifestyle beyond the workplace. Located on Garden Hill in Sham Shui Po, Campfire Home is nestled in the arts community alongside the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Lingnan University, and the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. Campfire Home membership also comes with full access to our collaborative workspaces, ensuring that your work and life are seamlessly connected.

Photo Credit: Campfire

Mini Ops HK

What they promise: One of the most prominent co-living spaces in HK. In mini OPS, you will enjoy our newly Co-living concept which is designed to be the perfect platform for life in the city. We’re all about focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

Enjoy a hassle-free living experience that lets you focus on the things that really matter. All-inclusive billing, concierge service and room cleaning as standard. Experience a modern way of living, close to stores, entertainment, MTR Ocean Park Station and more. Make friends and experience Hong Kong the way it was meant to be seen with mini OPS!

Photo Credit: Mini Ops

Mojo Nomad

What they promise: To create a place for the nomad community who seek new ways of living and collaborating. To establish a global hospitality brand that goes beyond the traditional ‘best hotels’ concepts. To offer stylish, cool and designer accommodation without the price tag.

Photo Credit: Mojo Nomad