Looking for a real challenge? Hong Kong’s usual hikes are a literal walk in the park for you? This list will really test your limits and get a sweat going. Hong Kong is a vertical city in more ways than one, its surrounding mountains and country parks offer plenty of green, sightseeing and tough hikes to test your limits. Be sure to bring plenty of water and some sunscreen before venturing out.

Violet Hill and The Twins
Along the well known Wilson Trail are Violet Hill and The Twins of Hong Kong Island, these peaks provide plenty of painful steep flights of stairs whether you’re going upwards or downwards. One of the shorter hikes on this list, it’s intensity more than makes up for it’s shorter hike time. Along your walk, you’ll be treated to views of Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, steep green valleys and flowers of the Tai Tam Country Trail.

Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill is located in the Ma On Shan trail, one of the more famous hiking spots in Hong Kong. It takes around 3.5 hours to complete the trail and measures about 536 meters above sea level. Named Pyramid Hill, because you guessed it, it looks like a pyramid, the climb to the top of the pyramid is challenging and requires you to use your arms. Not recommended for beginners, it takes a lot of pushing and pulling yourself up and can take around 15-30 minutes. Be careful of where you step and choose your rocks wisely. Helpful tip: bring some climbing gloves with you. At the top, you’ll be treated to spectacular scenic views.

Shek Uk Shan
Treat yourself to green mountains and the numerous rolling hills in the west of Sai Kung. Climbing along Lo Fu Kei Shek up to Shek Uk Shan is a spectacular show of Hong Kong’s. The route itself is steep and can be overgrown, so be ready to whack your way through the vegetation. The hike itself can take up to 6 hours long and is a total of 9km.

Tai Mo Shan
Tai Mo Shan is made up of volcanic rock surface, and its lack of vegetation allows you an expansive view over Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. This 11-kilometre is barren and means the sun beats down on your mercilessly in the summertime – perhaps save it for the winter months? This hike takes you across the country park and features a gentle incline but don’t be fooled, it’ll take you great distances. Pay attention to the signs to find your way to a collection of waterfalls and streams.

Sharp Peak
Sharp Peak can be found in the Sai Kung Country Park, you’ll recognise it for its pointy apex. As you go, the intensity of the inclines gets more steep nearer the top. This one is sure to get you sore and sweating. Going downhill offers little relief, it requires a slow pace and some careful footing, eventually leading you to clear turquoise bay.

Lions Peak and Amah Rock
This one starts out pretty easy, the real challenge presents itself a few hundred meters from the peak. Lion Rock is infamous for its momentous cliff edge, it stands 495 meters above Kowloon, giving you an entirely unobstructed view. The peak requires actual climbing, so be cautious.

Lantau Peak

The second highest peak of Hong Kong, a popular one to hike before sunrise to catch the crack of dawn. If you aim for Lantau Sunrise Peak, we suggest setting off at 4 am, you’ll arrive just in time to look above the clouds, and there won’t be many other hikers to clog up a good picture. This hike treats you to views of rolling hills, the Buddha and Hong Kong’s surrounding waters.

Castle Peak

The granite hills of Castle Peak can be found in the western side of New Territories. With a distance of 6.5 KM, the hike takes around 5 hours to complete. Friendly tip: you’ll need some good hiking shoes for this one, as gravel can be loose over the ridgeline. At the top of the mountain, you can sneak a peek across the borders of Hong Kong and Castle Peak Bay. However, you may also be treated to the sights of Nim Wan Landfill, a stark reminder of Hong Kong’s trash problem. But don’t let that stop you, you’ll certainly get your fill of nature’s finest along this route.