Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Turning back the chapters in history, the epic battles for Hong Kong are found amongst the various galleries in the Coastal Defence Fort – turned Museum – located near Shau Kei Wan, overlooking the Lei Yue Mun channel.

Renovated in the year 2000, the Coastal Defence Museum records the many events that took place in the span of the last 600 years.

Starting from the Ming Dynasty, to the First and Second Opium wars, the British Period, and the Japanese Occupation, military life is frozen in time amongst the many galleries.

Also found within the fort is the historical trail where other artefacts are restored to portray their original appearance. As one walks around the complex, they can witness the preserved batteries, cannons, and torpedoes alongside other military memorabilia.

Take a look around the Hong Kong Coastal Defence Museum to not only understand the technology, but also the key strategies to protect our home.

175 Tung Hei Road. Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

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Photos by Home Kong