Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

We look around Hong Kong today and witness it’s unique modernity. Often referred to as a hub, the city provides an important location for convenient world trade and travel. But our role in being a place of transience is rooted far back, and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum shows us just how far this maritime legacy extends.

Located on Pier 8 and surrounded by the Victoria Harbour, the museum holds multiple galleries that are spread across “decks”. Illustrating the history of Hong Kong (as a small fishing village) to curating galleries such as “Sounds of the Sea” and “Sea Bandits”, each deck tells the story of maritime life, adventure and technology. Records and artefacts answer questions like “how comfortable was travelling on a boat back in the day?” to “how did ships communicate at sea?” to “did they really use the sun, moon, and stars to navigate?” (Yes, they did).

Did you know – before the current cruise ships, there were warships and cargo ships? All our curiosities on life at sea, back in the day, are answered after a visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. We walk out its doors with refreshing insight on how Hong Kong’s maritime history influenced the vibrancy it holds today. Sometimes you just need to navigate the past in order to understand the present.

Central Pier No. 8, Hong Kong

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Photos by Home Kong