Fungus Workshop

Fungus Workshop

The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong can be so overwhelming that sometimes, a side-project is what you need as a stress reliever. It started out as a passion-project turned fully fledged leather workshop, where you can start off simple with a wallet and passport holder and end up working on advanced levels working with handbags and shoes.

Located on 4 Po Hing Fong Road in Sheung Wan, Fungus Workshop mainly uses vegetable-tanned leather, made and dyed from an old store nearby. The best part about this workshop is that it gives you step-by-step instructions while allowing you to explore your creativity to ensure simplicity. Collaborations with Levis and BMW show the idea of focusing on the quality yet being able to create a unique design.

A session of two hours costs $420, all materials included! Take a leap of faith in your creativity and make your accessory more personal than ever.

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Words by Surya Urs

Photos by Home Kong