Editor's note: The Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble has been postponed for a second time due to a spike in cases found in Singapore. Authorities will review a new launch date on June 13th. Below is an outline of travel guidelines that may be subject to change once a new travel bubble is established. For the latest information, visit the HK Gov website.
It's finally happening! If you've been itching to travel ever since lockdown measures were put in place, your time has finally come. The Hong Kong- Singapore travel bubble is set to commence on May 26. Despite setback earlier in the year, this time around, it's a done deal. Have you been missing the hawker market food and that signature Singapore heat? No matter what nationality you are, if you reside in Hong Kong, you're free to travel to Singapore. It's now or never. Here's everything you need to know about your first vacation since 2019!

You're free to travel to Singapore from May 26 - June 10

As of now, the Hong Kong Government says that passengers can jet to Singapore from May 26 until June 10. If all goes well, both governments will reconvene and potentially discuss an extension that would allow more holiday goers to come and go.

This first period is a trial period with baby steps in place. Both Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines offer one flight a day for the next two weeks, with a cap of 200 passengers a flight. If all goes off without a hitch, we could be looking at two flights a day shortly! Before you start booking your flights, make sure you qualify to fly first.

You've got to be vaccinated!

Well, they weren't just going to let anyone in! For the sake of everyone's safety, you've got to have had the Sinovac or BioNTech jab at least two weeks prior to flying. On top of these measures, you can't have travelled outside of Hong Kong 2 weeks earlier, and you have to provide a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure. Be sure also to download the Singapore contact tracing app before you take off. Not quite as simple as sauntering through immigration but, hey, safety first, people!

This rule does not apply to those who are 16 or younger, and people advised not to be inoculated. If you are using anything but a Hong Kong passport, you are also exempt.

Good news: No quarantine

The beauty of all this testing and contact tracing is no quarantine on arrival or return! As long as the travel bubble doesn't pop, that is. Once you land, you will have to be tested before you can go enjoy the city. You are encouraged to book and pay HKD 936 for it beforehand by using this site.

You are then advised to take a private mode of transportation like a car or taxi and wait at your declared accommodation while your results are processed. Only once you are confirmed, negative can the fun begin! Just be sure to observe all covid guidelines like wearing your mask and sanitizing your hands regularly.

For business or pleasure?

While most folks are likely heading over for some R&R, if you're itching to get to Singapore and get down to business, you're in luck! All restrictions on the purpose of travel have been lifted, so you can meet clients, reconnect with loved ones or go for just a change of scenery!

With New Zealand and Australia also setting up a travel bubble, it seems the world is on its way to opening up! Are you ready to indulge in your wanderlust again? Or have the precautions turned you off? Let us know if you'll be jet setting anytime soon!

For all the latest information and regulations, we recommend you visit the HK Gov website before planning your journey.