There are brands that focus on the promotion (yes, we see you celebrities and influencers on Instagram), and then there are brands that focus on improving the product. Luxury sneaker brand Cipher falls into the latter, with a laser like focus on quality.

The brand was named after the ancient Arabic term “Sifr”, which means zero or nothing, emphasising the need for the product to speak for itself. Based in Hong Kong, Cipher maintains a high standard with a limited number of handmade shoes manufactured in Italy using 100% calf skin. In a technological age when most shoes are mass-produced in factories, it is refreshing to see such a craft (that is slowly disappearing) still active in the fashion industry.

The brands ideals? To encourage a utopian society where everyone works together to constantly improve technology, art and design. Perhaps these shoes aren’t for the casual wearer then, but for the man on a mission – with his eyes set on creating the new. Get a pair and decipher the future for yourself.

Cipher Website

Photos by Home Kong