2020 was rough on all of us. We could all use a little lucky to make 2021 better than the last. Chinese New Year has come and gone, with bellies and wallet full, what's in store for you? Here's your year's fortune based on your Chinese zodiac.


Whenever it's your year, expect to be at odds. As 2021 is the ox's year, those who fall under this year may experience some setbacks. Keep your guard up at work and stick to what you know. Keep some vitamin C on hand too, as your health may take a hit.

Wear lucky colours: silver & white
Colours to avoid: red


Good news, it's your year! The year of the Ox should really be called the year of the tiger. If you're feeling entrepreneurial, nows a good time to chase your dreams. Not only will you get plenty of help along the way, but you'll thrive. Just don't get cocky. That'll be your downfall.

Wear lucky colours: grey & blue
Colours to avoid: black


Those in the year of the rabbit will be smooth sailing this year. If you hustle hard in 2021, you'll get what you want, but there will be no handouts. This year will be filled with plenty of optimism and but also potentially some romance.

Wear lucky colours: gold & silver
Colours to avoid: green


Ok la sums up 2021 for dragons. It won't be 'THE year', but it will 'A year'. Coast by in 2021, try not to fall in love with anyone who gives you the eyes and by the time autumn comes around, your career will hit an upward trajectory.

Wear lucky colours: red, grey, blue, & green
Colours to avoid: orange


There will be good times and bad times, be wary of those who are new in your social circle. 2021 is a good year to keep your head down and work. For this, you'll be rewarded. For snakes looking love, being picky only works against you. Lower the bar a bit, will you?

Wear lucky colours: yellow, blue & peach
Colours to avoid: red


It's going to be a roller coaster of a year for you, with an unexpected hitch in your long-awaited plans. But worry not, your patience will pay off come winter. Be mindful of your sincerity and empathy; it'll help you get further in work and love.

Wear lucky colours: silver, white, vanilla & red
Colours to avoid: purple


Unfortualently those born in the year of the sheep will face hardships this year. This isn't the year to execute on big, life-changing plans. Just ride it out. You should, however, try to expand your social circle; you'll be rewarded with some romance.

Wear lucky colours: grey, blue & black
Colours to avoid: pink


Opportunities will present themselves to monkeys this year, nows the time to test the water for new ideas. But don't dive right in, just dip your toes. Your charisma will attract new friends who are equally charming. Just always make sure your intentions are known to avoid drama.

Wear lucky colours: grey, blue & yellow
Colours to avoid: pink


Roosters are blessed with good fortune and health this year. You are encouraged to learn more during this time, whether that be to further your studies or just to listen more. You may not get the result you seek, but the experience itself will be rewarding.

Wear lucky colours: pink, blue, white & silver
Colours to avoid: purple


It will be a troubling year for dogs, which may affect your mental health and sleep. Those born this year should be diligent with self-care. The middle of the year will be most troubling, but once it has passed, it will improve. Take care in your relationships as they may become unstable.

Wear lucky colours: red, yellow & white
Colours to avoid: green


2021 is the year to set goals for yourself. With a favourable year in store, you'll reap the benefits. Broaden your network, and you'll find new opportunities pouring in. You'll even catch the eye of a few potential suitors. Choose wisely. Best of all, your health will take a turn for the better!

Wear lucky colours: pink, yellow & green
Colours to avoid: red


Last year was turbulent for the rat, but this year you'll face calmer waters. Keep your feet on the ground and your expectations ordinary, and you'll be feeling lucky. You may feel indecisive in your relationships this year, making you unable to commit.

Wear lucky colours: blue & green
Colours to avoid: pink