If you find your self out of luck bagging tickets for the Sevens this weekend, we’ve got something much more titillating happening. 18+ Central is the very first of its kind in Hong Kong, an adult-themed carnival, bang in the centre of the city. In their own words “it’s a place to ditch the guilt and be part of something extraordinary.”

An event aimed at women and couples, 18+ Central, sets to redefine adult carnivals and uproot their vulgar and taboo connotations. An experience for all, it is a chance to approach sex with a little class.

Having said that ‘class’ might not mean the same thing to everyone, their top billing is the artist ‘Pricasso’ who’s paintbrush of choice is his pecker. Usually allowed to paint ‘freely’, at this event he’s been asked to bring a penis cover as not to risk offending audiences.

The four-day event has areas dedicated to Vegas-style stage shows, seduction workshops, BDSM tutorials, meet and greets with international porn stars and ‘experts know the best’ seminars.

Hong Kong is fast becoming a hub for adult entertainment, with the Asia Adult Expo hosted at the HKECC which boasts the future of pleasure with buzzing toys, life-like dolls and VR experiences. With over 10,000 factories just across the border manufacturing everything that might tickle one’s fancy, they are all looking to exhibit in Hong Kong. However, even these trade shows are heavily skewed towards the male fantasy, so here’s to hoping the ladies get a little love with a helping hand from 18+ Central.

18+ Central will take place at the Central Harbourfront on April 5-8 2018. Tickets available online.