Catch Juicery

Catch Juicery

Along the bustling Wellington St. in Central, Catch Juicery brings life to Hong Kong’s commercially saturated city-centre, with their 100% organic, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and produce. Especially at a time when this Hong Kong summer weather leaves us parched, Catch keeps this busy business district refreshed.

Catch Juicery prepares their own selection of cold-pressed juices using their own organic produce shipped from all over the world. From healthy green juices with kale and cucumbers to improve indigestion, to a more citrusy selection with oranges and grapefruit for brighter skin and lower blood-pressure levels — they have a little something for everyone looking to detox and cleanse their bodies.

But wait, there’s more! On the other side of the store lies an array of organic food you can purchase along with your drink, providing complementary snacks you can stock for your kitchen as well. Catch Juicery also provides an organic delivery service, Catch Grocery, that brings these juices and produce straight to your door. With this in mind, the Catch brand goes even further to make this healthy lifestyle even more accessible and convenient for the people of Home Kong.

G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central

Catch Juicery Website | @catchjuicery

Photos by Home Kong