March is here and you’ve probably already given up on the ‘new year, new me’ motivation that came with the start of 2018, but with the newly opened Maximus Studio set in the heart of Sheung Wan you might actually be able to salvage that summer body you so desire.

Maximus Studio provides results-driven personal training by a team of diverse and dedicated trainers with a highly customized approach to fitness, nutrition and wellness-focused lifestyle. Offering both personal training and group classes, it is set to become the new stomping grounds for training the city’s toughest and sexiest bodies ( that could be you).

Set in a 3600 sq ft raw and ultra-sleek space, with exposed brick finishes, it boasts state of the art machines and equipment, complete with hard-hitting motivational quotes splashed across the walls to remind you that your beer gut will no longer put you to shame! Every element is designed to help you GAIN, ATTAIN, and RETAIN all of your fitness and wellness goals.

If you still find yourself lacking that much-needed motivation, why not opt for a personal trainer to make you feel seriously inferior. Just kidding, it’s all about that positivity. Steered by their driven team of trainers, Maximus helps build personalized programs which incorporate the latest techniques and state of the art equipment. Their diverse team is spearheaded by Jefferson Basso, a fitness expert hailing from Brazil with over 16 years of results-driven personal training under his belt. Each and every elite trainer on staff has worked extensively in the fitness space around the globe, with clients from all walks of life, and now are here to provide you with the best kind of training with the utmost dedication, positive energy and authenticity.


Beyond achieving the dream bod, Maximus studio offers a unique programme that helps you perfect your swing. A precise game of inches and degrees, Maximus Golf is for the passionate and aspiring golfer. As Hong Kong’s premier indoor Golf-specific Performance Studio, seamlessly combining the art of golf and golf-specific fitness with cutting-edge biomechanics technology to help you maximize your golfing potential and take your game to the next level. Their all-in-one golf performance room is equipped with the most innovative and accurate of biomechanics technology to transform your game.

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8/F, 69 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong OPEN EVERYDAY 6AM-9PM (Including Public Holidays)