Just in time for the year of the dog, Day Job Studio ‘s 5 of the core members: Charlene Man, Grace Helmer, Charlotte Mei, Katie Johnson and Ella McLane are showcasing their pooch creations at Odd One Out this month! A mixed media series of ceramics, prints and sculptures, all in the form of your favourite furry creature will be sure to melt your frozen heart.

The group describes it as “an exhibition which celebrates our favourite fluffy, fun, bouncing friends in all their shapes and sizes. Work is inspired by the true beauty within dogs and dismisses the strict rules of traditional ‘Dog Show’s’. Featuring illustrations of long dogs, short dogs, furry dogs and bald dogs, expect a show of paws, claws and much more.”

The exhibition opens on the 9th Feb until 14th March 2017. With a chance to meet and greet the artist on the 23rd Feb from 7-9pm. Where do you ask? Odd One Out, G/F, 14 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

About Day Job

Day Job Studio was founded in London in 2012 by a group of illustrators with a shared ethos of playfulness and a desire to encourage abstract thinking. Together they collaborate on publications, exhibitions, murals, workshops, and installations, They have worked on a variety of projects for clients such as Somerset House, the V&A and Vitamin Water and this will be their first collaborative show in Hong Kong.

About Odd One Out

ODD ONE OUT is a Hong Kong-based artist agency, print gallery and cafe bar situated in the burgeoning St Francis Street area of Wan Chai. Believing that art should be owned and enjoyed by the many rather than the few, ODD ONE OUT offers an exquisite range of ” Affordable Art” in the form of limited run art prints and products which have been handcrafted by the artists.

This belief that art should be enjoyed by all runs through everything we do. Our coffee bar run by SFS brings people together in a comfortable environment where they can enjoy and sense art in all its forms. As an artists agency, we are always looking for the next great artist (international or local) to help support and promote to a wider audience.

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