Welcome to the future of sunglasses. When in the past finding the right pair was an arduous process of picking a style that fit well, Baendit comes along to reinvent the way we select and wear our frames.

With the aim of bridging design and science, founder Alessandro Schueli keeps the main focus on being modular and bendable. Baendit gives you the freedom to mix and match styles according to your design preferences, as the parts are easily interchangeable. At the same time, it’s foldable structure allows you to bend the frames in order to adjust to your face shape, or to easily tuck it away on rainy days.

In this day and age, our fast-paced (and sometimes careless) lifestyles require accessories that match its incredulous speed and movement. Thankfully, Baendit not only keeps up, but also thinks ahead in practicality, strength, and flexibility.

Baendit Website | @baendit_eyewear

Photos by Home Kong