While most people might opt in for a spa session or drown their sorrows in a couple of pints, sometimes that just won’t cut it. For $300 HKD you can instead get 15 minutes in a room to smash up bottles and old electronics in what was once an office space.

Ikari Area was opened on the belief that when negative emotions are left unprocessed, they affect you physically and emotionally. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to escape rooms or genuinely got some reckoning to do, Ikari Area is a fun filled to let off some steam.

The 28-year-old musician who started the entertainment centre was inspired by similar joints in Canada and Japan, he told SCMP “Hong Kong people have so much anger,” he said. “They enjoy being able to put their anger . Although I think they come here more for fun, but I still think it helps people if they have anger issues. We can also put people in touch with counsellors to get psychological support if they want it.”

Located in Kwun Tong, participants are to wear orange jumpsuits and gas masks during their session of smash. You can also arm yourselves with a metal pipe, before unleashing your pent-up rage on a toaster.

While the therapeutic benefits and long-term effect are still being debated by clinical psychologists. There’s no doubt that in the name of good fun, you get a good kick out of destroying a room. If its any indication, some describe it as the ‘Best 15 Minutes in Hong Kong’, while another Facebook reviewer said: “Wasn’t much for me to smash, couldn’t really let my anger out.”

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