Happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re celebrating strong women of all walks of life, and Hong Kong’s got plenty of them. From fashion brands to the socially conscious, this list could have been a book, but we settled for a few favourites to share. Looking for new and interesting Hong Kong brands? Here are 6 you can support locally today!

LUÜNA Naturals founded by Olivia Cotes-James

Appaled by traditional period brands who use materials that contain dangerous toxins, Olivia went on to found LUÜNA Naturals that is transparent when it comes to materials used and helps to make your periods better. Splitting her time between Hong Kong and Shanghai, she holds period health workshops with hundreds of people. Speaking to healthcare professionals and product designers to understand the deep-rooted health, social and environmental consequences of the traditional period care industry’s use of synthetics and toxic chemicals in their products.

These experiences inspired her to establish a social impact company striking a balance between essential products and positive social and environmental impact, championing menstruators and leading taboo-free education in Asia and the UK. Every sale on their site also helps communities in need; they have away 1000 cups and 10,000 pads for donation in their first year.

Live Zero founded by Tamsin Thornburrow

Hong Kong’s First Zero Waste Bulk Store! Located in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung. Live Zero was founded to bring a wide range of natural and organic brands, free from packaging, to the city. From pantry staples like oats, flour, legumes, herbs & spices to household, personal hygiene products like hair wash, body wash, laundry and multipurpose cleaning. Live zero promotes a greener Hong Kong and has plenty of resources to start your habits on a better path.

We previously spoke with Tamsin on how more of Hong Kong can adopt zero waste practices.

Bamboo Scenes founded by Madelon de Grave

Bamboo Scenes is a Hong Kong Photography Gallery offering unique wall art by Hong Kong-based artists at affordable prices. With a purpose to celebrate the artistic power in Hong Kong and to make their creative work accessible to a broader audience. Madelon created the company to showcase Hong Kong’s artistic prowess and allow people to hang something meaningful on their walls. All photographs are exclusively printed and framed in Hong Kong to support local craftsmanship.

As Bamboo Scenes believes in giving back to its community, every exhibition is matched to a charity in Hong Kong that helps people in need. Offering photography with a purpose, 10% of art sale profits are donated.

Hula founded by Sara Fong

HULA is a sustainable fashion community where members can consign the items they no longer need. They offer the best designer pieces for less, feel great about shopping, all whilst impacting the world one sale at a time. Founded by Sarah Fung, who previously worked luxury retail store, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong for almost a decade. At the heart of HULA is the mission to give back and drive awareness to those who need it most. A minimum of 5% of their profits are donated to partnered charities whilst members are given the option to donate more at checkout.

Lion Rock Press founded by Claire Yates

Lion Rock Press is a collection of fun stationary good and gifts rooted in Hong Kong. Created by Claire Yates, it is at its core a family run business. As a family, their expertise in paper dates back more than 100 years. The smell of ink and the sound of the printing press brings a sense of nostalgia to them. In 2013, as the mother of young children, Claire was looking for a way to continue their distinguished tradition of sourcing high quality, responsibly sourced paper while having the flexibility to spend time with my little ones.

Thus came Lion Rock Press. Her family is both Hong Kong Chinese and from the UK. She puts these two cultures together through the medium of printed stationery. Their greeting cards tell a story by fusing the HK-style graphics with very Western humour.

Sau Lee founded by Cheryl Leung

Inspired by the rich, multicultural heritage of Hong Kong, SAU LEE is the answer to women worldwide who have a love for fashion, a packed schedule, and a jet-setting lifestyle. They are a brand that delivers timeless pieces that can be worn season after season but look fresh every time. Designed with a unique East meets West aesthetic in mind and cut for the most flattering fit, the collection is a celebration of femininity with all its nuances.

It was always a dream of Cheryl’s since she was young to own her own fashion label. Drawn to the glamour of Hong Kong fashion of the 1960s, with fitted cheongsams that flatter the female figure, she creates dresses that are inspired by this aesthetic but made more wearable and modern.