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Product Description:

SAFETY IS SEXY! Seeing as it’s been common practice to wear face masks, we’ve created our own that can be reused many times and easy to maintain, whilst still looking good during those commutes and outings.

How often can you wear the mask?
The time of 1 to 2 weeks is based on casual use of the mask, such as wearing it only when heading outside the home, going shopping, or riding a bike to and from work, for example. If the mask is worn continuously for a whole 8 hour working day, then the filter will only last 1-2 days!

How do you wash the mask?
Remove the disposable filter from the cloth mask.

Gently hand wash the mask in a neutral detergent diluted with water
Hang the mask to dry in the shade in a location with good air circulation


  • Face mask material: Cotton
  • Filter Grade: Pm2.5 filter

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