New year, new you didn’t quite stick, huh? Don’t wait till 2021 to get the body you want and deserve! Here’s our rundown of top places to get into a solid fitness routine, more than just your regular gym, all these studios boast a great community and supportive framework that’ll keep you on the bandwagon.


Ride your way to fitness with XYZ. A space that is sure to challenge you and get your adrenalising going with their group cycling classes. Designed to be like a hidden cave, classes are set amidst a dark backdrop and neon lights. Here you can escape the intensity of Hong Kong life, realign your compass and engage with your sense of purpose

Learn more: https://www.youarexyz.com/


Topfit boasts a wide range of classes and courses that deliver on results, support, community and fun. Choose from Barre, Body Sculpt, Dance Cardio, Circuit Training, HIIT, Jazzercise, Pilates, TRX and more. Spoilt for choice, they place a heavy emphasis on social inclusion and build group motivation.

Learn More: https://www.top-fit.com/#fitness-centre-workout-section

Flex Studio

Get your core strength up while suspended in the air. Flex Studios offers a range of yoga-based classes including their Aerial Yoga course which utilises a suspended hammock. These sessions help with strength training and are designed to improve balance, posture and overall health. Craving something more than a yoga mat? Give this a go!

Learn More: https://flexhk.com/aerial-fitness/


Settle in for the long haul, your fitness journey will need support and here’s where you can get it! Maximus is fully kitted out to get you to the finish line, with personal trainers, physiotherapy, nutrition plans, group classes and state of the art equipment. Convienitely located in Sheung Wan, their motto is GAIN, ATTAIN AND RETAIN.

Learn More: https://maximus-hk.com/


A high-intensity workout with low impact, Bouncelimit uses trampolines to get your whole body engaged. More than just bouncing up and down, they offer a wide range of classes like Air Bounce, TRX Bounce, Combat Bounce, Tabata Bounce, Bounce Pilates and more to target different goals. Get to hopping!

Learn More: https://bouncelimit.com/bouncelimit-class-descriptions/


Want to focus on strengthening, stretching and sweating all at once? Look no further than H-kore. Across the 150 weekly classes in Sheung Wan and Quarry Bay, from beginners to advance, each class challenges your flexibility builds strength and gets your heart pumping to different degrees.

Learn More: https://h-kore.com/

Lights Out

Dim the lights, turn up the music and get punching. Lights Out is the first of its kind in Hong Kong; they pit you against yourself in their 50-minute sessions and give you a total body work out. Their playlists, lights and punching bags are designed to move with you as you punch, jab, and sweat your way through 8 rounds of hard-hitting fun.

Learn More: https://www.lightsouthk.com/


Saw Jlo in Hustler’s and having major body envy? Us too! Check out Flaunt’s classes to get your intro to the pole. Their range of instructors can take you from a beginner to showing off advanced exotic dancing tricks.

Learn More: https://flaunt.life/

Coastal Fitness

Whether you wanna look good naked or are an elite athlete, Coastal Fitness can cater to you. Along with their extensive group classes, they offer personalised training that caters to your needs and goals. If you’re an office worker who’s at their desk all day, check out their Functional Mobility Course, which helps you to improve your range of motion, including hip mobility, overhead flexibility, and spine flexibility.

Learn More: https://coastalfitnesshk.com/

The Studio by Jab

The Studio by Jab offers numerous services including personal training, group classes, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing, Muay Thai, Stretch & Release Yoga, kids BJJ and kids Muay Thai. They welcome people of all walks of life to come and learn a new sport, master the basics, engage with new people and, most importantly, get moving. Their philosophy is one they’ve had for years: to enjoy workouts, and relish in the results!

Learn More: http://studiojab.hk/


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