@hkmehmeh is serving up some of Hong Kong’s best and worst cultural moments, for better or for worse. We can all agree that her snapshot of expat and local culture is pretty spot on, either having you in utter agreement or feeling like you’ve been personally victimised by Regina George.

The creator herself is a fully fledged meme addict who started the page as a gag amongst friends. As an expat herself, beginning her journey into meme-dom has unexpectedly pushed her to come out of the expat bubble and to enjoy some of HK’s more local delights.

“Memes are the brainchild of the millennial generation, the rise of social media and pop culture.” -hkmehmeh

In her own words, she admits that “I have around 2000 memes + that I’ve found online stored in my camera roll alone and over 100 pictures of Jackie Chan…My obsession over Jackie Chan has grown unhealthily in past few months”.  

Her dedication to make Jackie Chan relevant again is the delight of many who seem to champion the cause. Sifting through the comments section its clear many of the archetypes she hits on ring true and many HK-ers share her sentiments. “My favourite HK ‘stereotype’ to play off is definitely the expat stereotype. First of all, my favourite hang out spots in Hong Kong are crowded with expat people e.g. Cute Hipster Cafes in Tai Ping Shan.”

“Second, even though I have been living in Hong Kong for a while now, as an expat myself, there are many cultural aspects that I still get confused about and tend to avoid. But this only stems from the struggles of having a language barrier. Even after all these years, I still get jittery and nervous whenever I try to get off minibus. But don’t we all? “. Not shy to poke fun, she also isn’t afraid to air her pet peeves either, like the use of #homekong plastered across Instagram (we’re guilty, we’re not sorry).

“Even after all these years, I still get jittery and nervous whenever I try to get off minibus. But don’t we all?”-hkmehmeh

While in her private-meme-life she’s a lover of wholesome memes, it’s her cutthroat observations and clever captions that have the hearts of her followers. It’s clear whatever HK subculture you hail from, everyone can agree on this one thing; “A favourite is how expensive Hong Kong rent and the shoebox living situation is. Statistically proven, it has the highest engagement rate out of all memes I’ve created so far.”…we can only conclude that it’s funny because it’s painfully accurate.

Images courtesy of @hkmehmeh


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