January 23, 2018


If you’ve ever wondered what it might like to be a street cat in Hong Kong, your oddly specific dream has now come true. A new title, going under the working name of HK_project, is garnering waves of eager players with its alternative take on Hong Kong and unique POV. Whilst there has certainly been no shortage of videos games set amidst the Hong Kong backdrop, titles like Sleeping Dog, Resident Evil and Deus Ex to name a few, this fresh concept by BlueTwelveStudio brings a whole new perspective to the city with a cyberpunk kitty.

Set to be a third ‘person’ solo adventure game, the story is played out in an unspecified period of time, but with elements of futurism, it’s natural to assume that this version of Hong Kong is set far in the future. In this universe, Kowloon’s once formidable city of darkness simultaneously houses robotic inhabitants but still features the rumbling, leaky aircons used in homes today. Language too has taken a shift in this dystopian landscape, with characters that resemble an alien alphabet.



With little having been released about the game and its content, it’s enough to have audiences itching for a release date. The creators, who hail from the South of France, are still at the very beginning of the creation process and have stated that they may still need a few years to perfect their vision. This including spending ample time studying cats and cat behaviour so that the game can be truly immersive for the humans playing.

For now, you can find updates on their blog and on Facebook.

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