April 23, 2018


“I was never really a hat wearer” is not something you’d think to hear from Hatwoman, a lady who not only runs one of Hong Kong’s only hat shops but often brings a second hat out with her for a mid-day change of style.

It was eight years ago that Elizabeth became Hatwoman and opened the doors to her Central store in Hong Kong. From thinking hats were a hassle to feeling ‘naked without one’, her commitment to headpieces came on a whim and now drives her daily fashion choices. Her morning routine usually starts with the hat of choice then the rest follows.

Her Instagram serves as a go-to for both seasoned and novice hat enthusiasts around the world, as she breaks down the best ways to don her pieces. Though her page sets to inspire, she rarely looks at it herself as she cringes at the sight of it. It’s in fact run by her daughter, who herself is a hat designer and is the in-house milliner at Hatwoman.

She selectively stocks designers who, in her opinion, make the most striking and beautiful headwear. You’ll find everything in her repertoire, from formal to casual, from day to evening, for women, for men, and to suit different moods: glamorous, elegant, edgy, playful, romantic, dramatic, avant-garde, retro. Her hub of headwear has it all.

It seems that hat lovers cant get enough of whats on offer, with one woman buying 74 unique pieces in under ten months. So, is there a quintessential hat wearer of HK. The only prerequisite is a touch of confidence, especially with more decadent pieces but much like Nike said, Hatwoman’s advice is to commit and just do it.

See more of Hatwoman on her Instagram or her store

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